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When you place your order you will be able to upload a photo or scan of your recipe. Once the order is placed we will then begin the process of digitally converting your handwritten recipe. You will then receive an email from us, usually within 72 hours, that has your proof. After receiving your proof you will be able to either approve or ask for changes and we'll make those and send you a new proof. Upon approval, we will make and engrave your new recipe board. We typically ship within 72 hours of approval.

After we receive your order we typically send you a mockup within 72 hours.

After we receive your approval we usually ship the completed recipe board within 72 hours.

We have converted over 10,000 recipes so far to date. We've seen all kinds of recipes in all kinds of different conditions and we've had great success in converting them.

Absolutely. Every recipe has a story behind it and we know how personal and important this recipe is to your family. We've heard very heartwarming stories from customers over the years so we want to make sure that we give you the very best possible product. We will make as many revisions as you'd like to make sure you get the very best product for you to treasure for years to come. Your satisfaction is our success.

Yes, as standard procedure, we remove everything that is not text including lines and graphics, unless otherwise requested. Please note: Most recipe card graphics do not convert well and are best if removed.

Yes, we accept separate files for signatures and will add them to the bottom of the recipe.