About Us

Our exclusive cutting board line all started with a family recipe for Aunt B’s Mac and Cheese. 

Take your senses back in time. Aunt B's Mac is more than just a meal; it's the collected history and memories of those who shared in it. With every bite you take, you are transported back to memories of sitting around the table guessing what ingredients were in it or watching Aunt B as she made it for us. Growing up we never actually knew what was in the iconic dish but we were shown how to create it by Aunt B herself. Aunt B never wrote down her secret recipe until recently but once she did, we knew a simple piece of paper simply would not do for it would not last over time. We needed to preserve it in a way that was just as special as the recipe itself.

A treasured recipe handwritten from our Aunt B herself, something that will now never be lost as it’s forever engraved in a timeless piece of hardwood for us to display and cherish for generations.

Some of our most cherished memories are locked away in recipes, notes, signatures, and letters that, unfortunately over time, may no longer exist. Our passion and purpose are to preserve your loved ones' treasured recipes, names, words, and signatures for generations. That is why we created a way to preserve your treasured recipes in an artisan-crafted cutting board or plaques. Our boards are expertly engraved, ensuring the perfect match between the original handwriting and the finished product. We use only domestic hardwoods sourced in the USA, and our high-quality materials ensure that your boards will last for generations.