Typed Recipe Board

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Dimensions  | 9 x 12

Material  | Maple

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    Every holiday season there is that smell that greets you as you walk into the house. Grandma's apple pie. Mom's homemade pumpkin spice cookies. Dad's barbecue brisket. Each of these items are more than just food. They're memories of warmth, family, and love. Encapsulate these treasured memories for a lifetime by engraving that famous recipe onto a cutting board to proudly display in your kitchen forever. 

    We use only 100% solid hardwoods free of stain, paint, and other chemicals. If you're a fan of the natural wood finish, farmhouse, or rustic style, you will love this custom recipe cutting board.

    Please provide the following personalization details:

    - Title

    - Ingredients

    - Directions