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Caring for Your Custom Engraved Cutting Board: Tips and Best Practices to Maintain Its Beauty and Functionality

Posted on September 17 2023, By: Nikci Kephart

cutting boards

Custom engraved wood cutting boards from are not only practical kitchen tools but also precious keepsakes that preserve cherished memories in the form of family recipes, notes, signatures, and more. These boards require proper care to maintain their beauty and functionality for years. Knowing how to look after your custom engraved cutting board can optimize its performance and protect the unique engravings that make it so special.

In this blog content strategy, we will explore the essential tips and best practices for caring for your custom engraved wood cutting board from Our aim is to provide you with the necessary guidance and advice to maintain the longevity and pristine condition of your treasured heirloom while ensuring that it remains a fully functional culinary tool that serves you well in the heart of your home—the kitchen. Let’s get started.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Proper cleaning is vital for maintaining the hygienic aspect of your cutting board while ensuring the engraved details remain intact and do not fade. Follow these steps to clean your custom engraved cutting board effectively and safely:

  • Hand-wash your cutting board with warm, soapy water after each use, focusing on removing food particles from any engraving.
  • Use a gentle scrubbing brush or non-abrasive scrub pad to remove stubborn debris without damaging the wood or engravings.
  • Rinse thoroughly with hot water to eliminate residual soap or food debris.
  • Dry your cutting board immediately with a clean towel to prevent water absorption and reduce the risk of warping or splitting.
  • To sanitize your cutting board occasionally, use a mixture of one tablespoon of unscented liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water. Pour this solution over the board and let it stand for several minutes. Afterward, rinse the board thoroughly with hot water and dry it with a clean towel.

Oiling and Conditioning

Regular oiling and conditioning keep your custom engraved cutting board moisturized, which prevents it from drying, warping, or cracking. Here's what you need to know about oiling and conditioning your board:

  • When selecting an oil for your cutting board, choose food-grade mineral oil, which is safe for direct contact with food. Avoid cooking oils, which can turn rancid and affect the wood's integrity.
  • To oil your cutting board, first, ensure it is clean and completely dry. Then, apply a liberal amount of mineral oil directly to the surface of the wood, including the engraved areas.
  • Use a clean, soft cloth or your hands to spread the oil evenly, working it into the cutting board's surface and engravings.
  • Allow the oil to soak into the wood for at least 4 hours or overnight, then wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth.
  • In addition to oiling, a conditioning product that combines beeswax and mineral oil can help seal the wood’s pores and give your cutting board a pleasing sheen. Apply the conditioner the same way as the mineral oil.
  • The frequency for oiling and conditioning depends on usage, but as a general rule, once a month is ideal for keeping your cutting board well-maintained.

Storage and Display

Storing and displaying your custom engraved cutting board correctly can help protect its engraved details and overall appearance while ensuring it remains easily accessible. Consider these tips for ideal storage and display:

  • Store your cutting board in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Allow air circulation around your stored cutting board using a vertical storage rack, leaning it against a wall, or hanging it from an installed hook.
  • To prevent accidental scratches or marks on your engraved cutting board, ensure it is the only item in your chosen storage space and separate from other kitchen items that could cause damage.
  • Consider a dedicated countertop stand or wall-mounted shelf for an aesthetically pleasing display that showcases the unique engravings while keeping the board ready.

Repair and Maintenance

Addressing wear and tear proactively and maintaining the integrity of your cutting board's surface can contribute to its longevity and functionality. Here's how you can tackle minor issues and keep your cutting board in optimal condition:

  • To remove shallow knife marks or stains, gently sand the cutting board's surface with fine-grit sandpaper, being cautious not to disturb the engraved areas.
  • Following sanding, thoroughly clean and sanitize your cutting board before re-oiling and conditioning as needed.
  • Periodically examine your cutting board for signs of splitting or warping and address these issues immediately, potentially consulting a professional woodworker.


Elevate the enjoyment and longevity of your custom engraved cutting board from by implementing these tips and best practices for cleaning, sanitization, oiling, conditioning, storage, display, and maintenance. By tending to your cutting board with care and diligence, you'll preserve its beauty and functionality for years to come, allowing the memories and stories contained in its finely etched details to continue inspiring delicious creations in the heart of your home. 

Savor the union of culinary artistry and treasured history as your lovingly maintained custom engraved cutting board with a recipe serves as a witness to the laughter, love, and warmth that fills your kitchen, spilling over into the lives of those who gather to share in the creation and enjoyment of your delectable dishes.