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Preserving Family Memories: A Guide to Custom Engraved RecipeBoard Plaques and Cutting Boards

Posted on July 30 2023, By: Nikci Kephart

engraved wood

Food and family memories often go hand in hand, and there's no better way to preserve these precious moments than with a custom engraved RecipeBoard plaque or cutting board. Our products serve as functional canvases that aesthetically showcase your loved ones' unique recipes, cooking techniques, and even their actual handwriting. The exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail make each RecipeBoard a beautiful and practical addition to any kitchen.

In this blog article, we will explore the world of RecipeBoard plaques and cutting boards, guiding you through the process of selecting, customizing, and caring for these family treasures. We'll delve into topics such as personalizing designs, understanding the benefits of choosing a high-quality cutting board, and properly cleaning and maintaining your new kitchen heirloom.

Discovering the Engraving Process

To truly appreciate the artistry involved in bringing your RecipeBoard to life, it's essential to understand the engraving process. At RecipeBoard, we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to create intricate, precise designs on our products.

1. Digitizing Handwritten Recipes

The journey begins with digitizing your handwritten family recipe or personal message. Our experts carefully clean up and enhance the image to ensure the highest quality engraving result. The final image is converted into a file format suitable for engraving.

2. Laser Engraving

Our advanced laser engravers burn the design into the surface of the wood or bamboo cutting board with extraordinary precision. The process carves out the engraved areas, leaving behind a smooth, touchable texture, while preserving the appearance of the original writing.

Design Options: Choosing the Perfect Material and Style

RecipeBoard offers a range of design options, allowing you to create the perfect plaque or cutting board to suit your preferences and kitchen décor. Consider the following factors when personalizing your design.

1. Picking the Right Material

Choose from sustainably harvested wood, which offers a warm and classic appearance, or opt for eco-friendly bamboo, which is known for its durability and natural antibacterial properties.

2. Selecting the Shape and Size

RecipeBoard offers different shapes and sizes, from traditional rectangular cutting boards to round or oval options. Consider your intended use and available storage space before selecting your ideal size and shape.

3. Customizing with Engravings

The heart of your RecipeBoard lies in the engraved design elements. Whether it's your grandmother's cherished cookie recipe or a heartfelt message from a loved one, choose the engraving that speaks to your heart and evokes cherished memories.

Caring for Your RecipeBoard

Ensure your RecipeBoard serves you and your family for years to come by following these expert tips for its care and maintenance.

1. Cleaning

After each use, wash the cutting board with a mild soap and warm water, taking care not to submerge the board in water for an extended period. Pat dry with a clean towel and allow it to air dry completely.

2. Preventing Warping and Cracks

To prevent warping or cracking, avoid placing your RecipeBoard in direct sunlight, near a heat source, or inside a dishwasher. Store it in a cool, dry location when not in use.

3. Maintaining the Surface

To maintain your RecipeBoard's surface and prevent it from drying out, periodically apply mineral oil or a specialized cutting board oil to replenish and protect the wood or bamboo. This process will also help reduce the appearance of scratches left by regular use.

Gifting RecipeBoards: Meaningful Presents for all Occasions

A custom engraved RecipeBoard plaque or cutting board makes an ideal gift for various occasions, as it's a heartfelt and practical offering that adds a touch of personalized luxury to the recipient's kitchen.

1. Weddings and Anniversaries

Celebrate the happy couple's love for cooking and each other with a RecipeBoard engraved with their initials, wedding date, or a special message.

2. Housewarmings

Help new homeowners make their kitchen feel like home with a cutting board highlighting their family name or a recipe that reminds them of treasured gatherings.

3. Mother's and Father's Day

Honor the culinary legacies handed down through the generations by gifting your parents a RecipeBoard engraved with a beloved family dish that holds special memories.


Embracing the artistry of custom engraved RecipeBoard plaques and cutting boards, allows you to preserve cherished family memories, elevate your kitchen décor, and enhance your culinary journey. As you embark on the process of selecting, personalizing, and caring for your RecipeBoard, remember the priceless connections to family, history, and the joy of cooking that it represents. Transform your kitchen into a space filled with love, creativity, and warmth, with the invaluable addition of your custom RecipeBoard masterpiece.

Preserve your cherished family memories with Recipeboard.com's customized cutting boards. Engrave your favorite family recipes, handwritten notes, and signatures onto our high-quality domestic hardwoods sourced in the USA. Order now and create a unique, personalized gift that will last for generations.